Grow Your Business with Facebook

By BOS Media Group (other events)

Thursday, September 22 2016 6:30 PM 8:30 PM

Facebook isn't just for posting what you ate for breakfast anymore. It is now becoming one of the fastest growing platforms for your business and can be one of the most effective ways to advertise your products.

In this FREE workshop, you will learn step by step how to setup your facebook page ad and how to launch your campaign to reach the right users in the right places. You will also learn the powerful essentials of writing your sales copy to lead to a sale.

Sound good? Well, there's more. We'll also provide snacks, coffee and much laughter...because...sugar, caffeine and laughter is a great combination for learning. #truth

So if you’re just starting to think about Facebook advertising or if you are already doing it and want to get better results, this is the perfect workshop for you.  We'll make sure you’re advertising smart and getting the most out of your time, efforts and resources.

This educational workshop is provided by BOS Marketing Group with no strings attached other than our passion to help you achieve your dream.  Because we believe that by helping you achieve your dream, we will achieve ours.